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MadAboutFans is truly MAD about antique hand fans and we love sharing our passion for these beautiful works of portable art. MadAboutFans have the pleasure of offering selected antiuqe hand fans of quality and beauty, ranging in date from the early 18th century to the Art Deco Era and encompassing a wide varity of styles, materials and decorations.

What can you expect from us?

We sell antique hand fans at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves in providing first class customer service, including safe packaging, fast shipping and courteous communication.

Our greatest reward is a happy customer that puts a smile on our faces by telling us that they love their purchase! This never fails to make our day.

MadAboutFans also have a presence on EBAY and are members of the FAN CIRCLE INTERNATIONAL and the FAN ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA.

MadAboutFans also provide suitable fans for film, TV and theatre productions and advertising.


Please note that antique folding fans are collector's items. They tend to be fragile in nature and most are too precious to be used. If you are seeking an antique fan that is suitable for use, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss potentially suitable items or alternatives.

Our fans are antiques, so please do not expect them to be always 100% perfect.